About Me

Producer. Cinematographer. Filmmaker.

Josiah is a Visual Media Creator who actively holds roles as a Producer, Director, Camera Operator, Editor, and Photographer with a Bachelor of Arts in Video production from CSU-Sacramento. 

“With this space, I have curated and chosen the works which I believe best showcases my perspective, style, and aesthetic approach to filmmaking.

However, as with any large scale creative project, it is the combined efforts of many individuals whom each bring a unique set of talents, experiences, and skills in order for a project to transform from an idea into a finished body of work which can then be enjoyed on a screen. All of my projects have been collaborative works, made possible by many brilliant creatives who have aided, shaped, and influenced me on my filmmaker journey, and to them, I will be forever grateful.

My team and I aspire to produce media that is captured and amplified beautifully, professionally, and authentically. I carefully choose to only accept projects which will uplift one another, our planet, and our community. The power of media, when wielded properly, can achieve wonderful amounts of good that can directly impact each other now quicker than ever. I consider it the responsibility of all creators to produce ethical, uplifting content which elevates society.

Wherever you are, however you got here thank you, for taking the time and initiative to imagine, develop, and taking the exciting next steps in of perusing your goals. If you feel that what you are working on may align with this mission here at Josiah Velasquez Media Production, please send us a message about your project's needs, goals, and ideas. I believe our greatest work is yet to be made so, let’s imagine, create, and actualize a vibrant and collaborative future together.

Sending positivity to wherever you may be in this moment.”✌🏽


Production Notice - In these unprecedented and changing landscapes where information and culture are changing quicker than ever, I believe adaptation and perseverance lead to success in this modern digital experience. Therefore my team and I take all precautions that we possibly can to ensure the health and safety of our clients and crew while finding creative solutions to overcome today’s challenges.