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About Me

Producer. Cinematographer. Filmmaker.

Josiah Velasquez is a seasoned visual storyteller with a Bachelor of Arts in Video Production from CSU-Sacramento. He brings his expertise as a producer, director, camera operator, editor, and photographer to every project, creating captivating visuals for high-end food and wine brands, as well as outdoor adventure brands. 

At Josiah Velasquez Media Production, Josiah showcases his unparalleled ability to craft visually stunning and impactful content. He works closely with premium food and wine brands, outdoor adventures, and even up-and-coming technologies to capture the essence of their brand in a professional and authentic way.

​With a commitment to excellence, Josiah is dedicated to delivering top-notch visuals that elevate and amplify the brands he works with. He is passionate about working with companies that align with his mission to create ethical, inspiring content that positively impacts society.


If you're looking for a visual storytelling partner for your brand or product, Josiah Velasquez would be thrilled to hear about your next project or goal. 


Get in touch to see how he can bring your vision to life and create memorable, impactful visuals for your brand.


Sending positivity to wherever you may be in this moment.”✌🏽


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